Born in a suburb of Linz (Austria) RUHMER started out as a drummer and slowly forged his own twisted path. Working as a recording engineer on film sets around the world he seemingly strolled off his track – when in 2019 his life took a sudden turn. Without a home for a year, constantly on the road and being on tour as a drummer, RUHMER started working on his first musical drafts – and ultimately committed to his true dream.

– Who am I in this universe – Was it your dream i was wishing for –

With a cheap Bass and an old Telecaster from a friend he took off to Calais. Not knowing any french he spent most of the time under the roof of a small shack. Drawing on his surroundings and most intimate thoughts, heading out for long walks that always left him stranded on the beach, he produced a rock oriented sound while still encompassing all manner of musical styles in unexpected ways. 

– If I stop being me, who else would I be –

Back in Austria he produced and mixed those first couple of songs while already focusing on his strong imagery. Together with Nous Film from Berlin (ÄTNA) he creates his own vintage colored world. On the 25th of September 2020 RUHMER released his first single KILL ME NOW (INK Music) and entered the Radio FM4 Charts on #3.

When writing his second single PENLOVE, RUHMER asked his naive and curious childlike self: If I solve so many problems and get an immense creative energy from just about 30 minutes of stream of consciousness writing everyday, what will happen if I don’t stop for 12 hours straight.” Well thats exactly what RUHMER did for the release of PENLOVE. A 12 hours live stream of non stop longhand writing!

RUHMER’s third single TRUTH is the result of a 24h straight solo writing, recording and mixing session and was released only 2 weeks after. It entered the Spotify “Indie Brandneu” Playlist on #14! For his latest single UNIVERSE RUHMER learned to ride a horse in only 6 months. Together with the director of his first music video KILL ME NOW he travelled to Corinthia and shot a majestic western movie like video. For the trailer he was able to engage the infamous speaker Otto Clemens of countless austrian documentaries. UNIVERSE entered the “Indie Brandneu Playlist” on #3.

This December RUHMER will release his first EP CALAIS including the last five unreleased songs written in Calais, thus completing this first and very important era. Therefor he travelled once again 3000 km to France and shot 3 music videos in only 3 days. They will be released on 5.11.21, 19.11.21 and 3.11.21.